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While still in her teens, Leana Greene emigrated from Sweden to America in order to pursue a career in modeling. After a successful career in the fashion industry, Leana invested her savings into her first entrepreneurial venture, Absolute Court Reporting. After leading the company for nine years of tremendous growth reaching more than fifty employees, Leana sold the business to Paulson Court Reporting.

In 2005, Leana started the record company, Swedish Diva Productions. Under her newly formed label, she wrote and produced her first album, Faith in Myself. A number of songs from the album had major success, including 5 Top 10 Billboard Dance Chart hits. The song "Dance with a stranger" was a number on one the break out chart on the Billboard.

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In order to focus on raising her kids and growing her young family, Leana took some time off from work. However, Leana quickly realized that parenting is anything but easy and that everyone could use some help. She wanted to create the manual that every parent has been looking for. This realization led to the founding of Kids in the House in 2014. It has since blossomed into the largest parenting video library in the world with 9000 videos from 500 experts.

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Kids in the House also has long-form content and parenting classes behind a paywall.

Leana Greene is the winner of an ABA Stevie Award for Best Use of Video and an Edison Award for Innovation.

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